Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last week of classes!

Tears are the best lube. And we all know how I can make a man cry.

Can't spell Ritalin without Rita...

I think I'm going to suffocate myself with my boobs. I was basically sucking on my own tits.

One day the world will want to know who this 'Rita' person is.

I'm not a dyke but I'm a big fan.

Rita: When more than 50% of you is plastic you are no longer human. You are a cyborg. Congratulations Pamela Anderson.
Sarah: So what is Dolly Parton?
Tanner: I think she's a drag queen.
Rita: Also not human. Also an out of this world phenomenon.

Can I take my bra off? People tell you to come in make yourself at home. Do they know what I do at home? They should set a limit. Cuz I'll do it.

And that is why you should always lie. Always. I'm not even named Rita. I'm actually a 58-year-old male midget.

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